The Significance of a Sheepdog for Apologists

I’ve been asked what type of dog is in all the pictures on our Sheepdog Apologetics webpage and Facebook and Twitter pages.  I’ve also been asked if there is a significance to this dog.  This post will briefly look at why this particular breed exemplifies our spirit and goals as apologists. A Breed Straight OutContinue reading “The Significance of a Sheepdog for Apologists”

Why It’s Important For Every Christian To Be A Christian Case Maker (J Warner Wallace Video)

As Christians we owe it to our children, our community, and our Church to become Christians case makers (Sheepdogs).

Why Are We Here?

Society, basically, consists of three types of people. Sheep, those that are content living their life never worried about anything outside the immediacy of living. Wolves, people that seek to take advantage of the sheep, “seeking someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8). The last group are sheepdogs, those who recognize the threat posed by wolvesContinue reading “Why Are We Here?”