When Spiritual Leaders Fail

Recently there have been a series of high-profile Christian leaders who have walked away from the Church or were involved in scandals.  Understandably, this has shaken many Christians; especially those with a connection to these leaders.  It has also been used by atheist and critics in an attempt to attack the truth of Christianity.  BothContinue reading “When Spiritual Leaders Fail”

Early Dating of the Gospels – Part III

The questions for this post are; can these accounts be accepted as accurate eyewitness accounts of the life of Jesus, the growth of the early Church, and early Christology among believers?  Do these writings bear the hallmarks we expect from eyewitness accounts? Were there motivating factors that would have led the Gospel writers to lie about the story?

How Early Are the Remaining New Testament Books?

Previously we showed that the most reasonable dating of 21 of the 27 New Testament books were prior to 70 A.D (the destruction of the Temple). The remaining six we simply stated likely dates of writing.  This will be a shorter post to wrap up the likely dating of the remaining books. The first booksContinue reading “How Early Are the Remaining New Testament Books?”

Early Dating of the Gospels – Part II

In order to begin determining just how early the books of the New Testament were likely written, we need to establish some known dates.
Using generally accepted dates, we can begin to narrow down potential dates for New Testament writings.
Some of the most accepted dates related to the Bible center on the Apostle Paul, his missionary travels, and his epistles. Although there is disagreement on some of the exact years they are generally accepted within a small window of a few years. For the sake of simplicity, we will use either the accepted year or the later of the date ranges

Dr. Voddie Baucham on CRT

I don’t typically post political topics, but this is not a political issue; it is a Gospel issue. Dr. Baucham is probably the most knowledgeable and eloquent person speaking out about this poison and it’s threat to the Church. Capstone Report@CapstoneReport · Southern Baptists are cowards on CRT, says @VoddieBaucham on the @toddstarnes show.

Why Apologetics is Important for Christians

“What are you reading?” “A book on Christian apologetics.” “Apologetics! I will never apologize for my faith in Christ.” “No, no. Apologetics. It’s the art and science of defending Christianity through arguments based on science, philosophy, and history.” “So you start fights about Christianity!?” “No, intellectual arguments based on information from science, philosophy, and historyContinue reading “Why Apologetics is Important for Christians”